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Through Floor Lift Compliance for Terry Harmony: BS5900:2012

Posted: 2nd October 2012

The new British Standard for through floor lifts and home lifts was introduced in April 2012. In it are several significant changes, including a major improvement in the requirements for fire protection.

We are pleased to confirm that the Terry Harmony through floor lift product conforms fully to the requirements of BS5900:2012

For the avoidance of doubt we have detailed below the requirements of the Standard with regard to fire, together with our compliance statements.

Section 9.12 – Fire Protection

This section now requires that the seal between the through floor lift and the aperture for the lift be maintained whether the lift is parked at the upper or lower level. Terry Harmony underpan seals the aperture when the lift is parked at the upper level, and our trapdoor seals the aperture when the lift is parked at the lower level.

Annex E of BS5900:2012

This Annex defines the method of testing and the elements to be tested. To test our through floor lift we chose to use Exova Warringtonfire (formerly Warrington Fire Test and Research Establishment). Exova is the world’s largest dedicated testing group, trusted by leading organisations to test and advise on the safety, quality and performance of their products and operations.

The Annex requires that the element of the lift (whether the under pan or the trapdoor) providing the seal give periods of fire resistance (using BS476 Part 20 as the test method):-

  • Load bearing – Minimum 30 minutes
  • Integrity – Minimum 15 minutes
  • Insulation – Minimum 15 minutes

Exova’s tests show that we significantly exceed all of the above requirements. Below is the conclusion from their assessment report number 320925, confirming our compliance with BS5900:2012, section 9.12:-

“It can be concluded that the proposed trapdoor panel and underpan should satisfy the integrity and insulation performance criteria for at least 15 minutes, if subjected to fire resistance test utilising heating conditions and general principles of BS476: Part 20: 1987, when exposed to the heating conditions below. The trapdoor should also satisfy the load bearing capacity performance criteria for a period of at least 30 minutes.

The proposed trapdoor panel and underpan assemblies are therefore deemed to have satisfied the fire performance requirements detailed within the Section 9.12 of BS2012”

Section 9.13 – Behaviour of through floor lift in the event of a fire

This section requires that the lift be interlinked to a smoke / heat detector at each level. In the event that either or both alarms are activated the lift shall be taken out of service immediately if it is parked. If a journey is being undertaken at the time the alarm is activated, the lift shall complete that journey and then be taken out of service.

Terry Lifts have developed a wireless interlink between smoke detectors and the Harmony Through Floor Lift. This link provides the means for the lift to operate in accordance with Section 9.13 of BS5900:2012, ensuring that Terry Lifts products are in compliance with the BS5900:2012.

For further information, please contact Terry lifts on 0845 365 5366

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