How much do our domestic lifts cost?

A home lift is an investment that can have a huge impact on the quality of a person’s life. A home (or domestic) lift is more versatile and elegant than a stairlift and will suit a house with any type of staircase. More and more people in the UK and overseas are now choosing to have a residential lift installed.

How much does it cost to have an home elevator, or through-floor lift installed in a typical house? Domestic home lift prices are dependent on a multitude of factors, and this is why Terry Lifts offers a FREE survey of your home to give you a fairly accurate price quotation.

Factors affecting the cost of your home lift:

  • The lift model you choose (Click here to see our home lifts range)
  • The specifications of the lift (Optional features and finishes)
  • Number of stops required
  • The degree of preparation work required
  • Where you are located

The price of a lift will depend on the type and model you require. Steplifts start from £4,500 excluding VAT. Homelifts start from as low as £9,000 excluding VAT.  These prices are for the budget models and include supply, installation and warranty.  The cost of building work, i.e creating a platform for a step lift or an aperture for a through-floor lift, would be in addition.  Call and book a Terry Lifts no obligation survey for an accurate price, on 0800 247 1228.

When considering a home lift, you should weigh it against the inconvenience and disruption that having to move house can have on your life. Depending on your staircase, a home lift may not cost you significantly more than a stairlift, and it can add value to your property which a stairlift generally won’t do!


Choose Terry Lifestyle Lifts with complete confidence

A residential home lift is an important investment in your future. You should choose your lift supplier carefully to make sure that you can enjoy the highest standard of safety and the ultimate peace of mind. After all, why would you want to settle for anything less?

  • Independently certificated fire and smoke protection for when the lift is parked in the up or down position – Click here to watch a short clip of the effects of a fire in a typical downstairs living room on lift fire safety
  • Full-height door, which ensures complete safety when travelling between floors
  • Fail-proof safety system: pressure sensitive underpan, trapdoor and safe edges
  • Load capacity options of 250 kg (39 stone) or up to 325 kg (50 stone)
  • Trapdoor takes the same load as the lift, i.e. a minimum of 250 kg (BS5900:2012 requirement)
  • Floor double joisted when the aperture is cut in the floor for the lift and the required Building Control approval is obtained
  • Independently tested and certificated to BS5900:2012 covering Through Floor Home Lifts in the UK
  • Independent Notified Body approval and certification to the EU Machinery Directive in case of lift travel exceeding 3 metres (a legal requirement)
  • UK-based ISO 9001:2015 Quality certificated manufacturer
  • Fully qualified member of our recognised industry body, LEIA – Lift and Escalator Industry Association
  • Member of the BHTA (British Health Trades Association), working with them on improving industry standards

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