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Make your life easier with a Lifestyle Lift.

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Your home, but better.

The award-winning Lifestyle Lift is more than an easier way to move between floors in your house - it's a style statement and a way of staying independent in the home you love. 

Your home, but better.
Solid as a rock, quiet as a mouse.

Solid as a rock, quiet as a mouse.

The Lifestyle Lift uses the latest technology and incorporates market leading safety features. It's simple to use, powerful, yet quiet. Proudly made in the UK with uncompromising attention to detail.

With our fully managed installation in your home, we offer a product and service that's unlike anything else available.

Safe. Quiet. Elegant.

Do more in your own home with a Lifestyle Lift.

Keep The Home You Love

Keep the home you love.

Struggling with stairs? You don't need to worry about moving house, you can stay in the home you're used to and add value to it with a Lifestyle Lift. Simply better than a stair lift.

The Safest Product Out There

The safest product out there.

Full height door, battery backup system, emergency lowering and market leading fire protection certification. You'll also get expert installation from our experienced technicians.

Easy Does It

Easy does it.

Our simple controls make operating your home lift child's play. The wireless landing controls, which come as standard, make it easy to summon or send away your lift as you please.

Quiet As A Mouse

Quiet as a mouse.

You won’t disturb other members of the house when you use your lift. A powerful hydraulic system, and power pack located outside of the home make using this lift smooth and discreet.

Small But Mighty

Small but mighty.

Made in the UK and built to last, this lift can be fitted almost anywhere in your home due to its tiny footprint. With a carrying capacity of 250 kgs (39 stone) two people can share the ride.

Your Lift Your Style

Your lift, your style.

 Our lifts come with a full range of customisation options so that you can not only pick the features you want, but also customise it to perfectly match your home.

Customised To Your Home
2 Year Warranty
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Award Winning Product
Full Installation Service

You home is simply better with a Lifestyle Lift.

5 Star Review

"We didn’t like the thought of a stair lift. The Lifestyle Home Lift was exactly what we needed"

 Mr & Mrs Ward, Holmes Chapel

“I’m not sure how I would have coped since my operation without the Lifestyle Lift. I wouldn’t have been able to get up and down the stairs without it.

Thank you to your team of staff who have done a fantastic job, especially during the installation, which was handled professionally and with minimal disruption.”

- Mrs Kapadia, Pitstone


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5 Star Review

"We had a fantastic service from our first enquiry to visiting Terry Lift's factory and finally to installation."

 Mr. & Mrs. Head, Reading

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To speak to a home lift expert or to book your free home survey
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Cutting edge technology, with timeless elegance.

Move easily through your home with the touch of a button.

Designed from the ground up.

Specifically, for quick and easy installation which is fully managed and undertaken by us. No need for a large space. The self-supporting structure means the lift doesn’t require enclosing nor are any major structural alterations required for it to be installed.

Market leading fire safety.

Our lifts come with 30 minutes’ fire protection certification and they comply with the British Standard BS5900:2012. This means your house will maintain the same fire and smoke integrity you had before the lift was installed, whether it is parked on an upper or a lower floor. All essential safety features, yet not provided by all manufacturers.

No lifts shaft needed.

Taking less floor space than an armchair. The lift guides are placed neatly behind the lift which means your home lift can be tucked in to even the tightest corners, whilst still being large enough to accommodate 2 people.

Lifestyle Lift

Fully customise your lift.

Match to your home's interior. Customise the interior and exterior colours and flooring to blend with your home décor. We can install additions such as a fold up seat, telephone, curved handrail and stainless steel lift controls.

No more heavy lifting.

Unlike a stair lift, a Lifestyle Home Lift can move a suitcase, shopping or your vacuum cleaner between floors with ease. The lift has a robust build and can carry up to 250 kg (39 stone).

Quiet operation.

You don't have to worry about disturbing other members of the house when you use it. With a powerful hydraulic system, and power pack located outside of the home this lift is whisper quiet.

British Healthcare Awards

Proudly Designed & Made In The UK

Independent Living Design Awards

Your lift, your way!

Choose your home lift and customise it to your needs

Lifestyle & Home Lift Options

Fully customise your lift to match your home's interior. Choose from a wide range of options including colours, additional features and other enhancements. If you need to use your home lift with a wheelchair, you can enquire about our wheelchair models.

5 Star Review

"I had my Lifestyle Home Lift installed recently and I wanted to say how pleased I am. I’m thrilled with what will be my new lease of life!"

 Mrs. Hawkes, Sevenoaks


“We have just decorated our living room, so it was important for us that the lift looked good. The Lifestyle Lift is stylish and doesn’t look like a box unlike some home elevators on the market.

We can get a walker in the lift when Mrs Head is having a difficult day, and we also carry the shopping up which is great and helps us so much. We can’t begin to explain how much it has helped."

- Mr & Mrs Head, Reading


Unparalleled safety

Your high-end, safer and more useful alternative to a stair lift.

Unparalleled Safety

By choosing to keep your home accessible with Terry Lifts you don't have to compromise on safety.

The Lifestyle Lift has market leading safety features. These include a 30-minute fire rating, along with smoke and heat alarms at both levels. It also has a battery backup system so you can always return safely to the ground floor.

Stylish LED lighting, a safety handrail and wireless landing controls are all included. The full height door adds to your peace of mind and together with the other features ensures your complete safety when travelling in the lift.



ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certificated



Products comply with British Standards (BS) and the latest EU Safety Standards where applicable.



Established in the UK for 45+ years, with a proven track record of installing home lifts.



Member of BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association) & LEIA (Lifts & Escalator Industry Association)

Experience the Lifestyle Home Lift - take a test drive.

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We have installed Lifestyle Home Lifts all over the UK and many of our satisfied customers are happy to demonstrate their lift with pride. If you would like to see the Lifestyle Lift in action, we will arrange a demonstration in a location which is convenient for you.

Alternatively, we would love to welcome you to our factory in Knutsford, where you can see them being manufactured first hand and get a full demonstration. Why not take a Lifestyle Lift for a test drive?

To arrange your FREE demonstration, just call us on 0800 247 1228 or fill in this form and we'll call you.



5 Star Review

"The lift is a real talking point. I would have no hesitation to recommend it to anyone who is experiencing problems with the stairs."

 Mrs. M Power

“It is so much easier to be at home now. We are really impressed with the Lifestyle Home Lift and the impact it has had on our lives”.

- Mr & Mrs Ward, Cheshire


Recognised as the ultimate in independent living.

Exported all over the world, you may have also seen us in...

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5 Star Review

"I can get my walker in the lift, and also carry the shopping up. I can’t even begin to explain how much the Lifestyle Lift has helped me."

 Mrs. Head, Reading

A track record you can trust.

How Terry Lifts help you.

Terry Lifts

At Terry Lifts, our customers are at the centre of everything we do. We are committed to providing you with a Lifestyle Lift of the highest quality, backed up with first class customer service.

With over 45 years’ experience in the lift industry, Terry Lifts are experts in design, manufacture and installation. Our dedicated team will be with you every step of the way, from purchase and installation to after sales support.

Terry Lifts have been a leading and respected name in home lifts for over 45 years. We’re proud to still manufacture all our products in the UK.

We’re also proud of our dedicated team of designers and engineers who carry out their work in a highly professional manner, offering exceptional quality and design in your home.

5 Star Review

"Terry Lifts co-operated with all of my requests during the installation and were extremely professional, courteous and pleasant."

 Mrs. H, Whitchurch, Lifestyle Lift

Safe Contractor

Improve your lifestyle with a stylish and safe home lift.

To speak to a home lift expert or to book your free home survey
PLEASE CALL FREE ON 0800 247 1229

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To speak to a home lift expert or to book your free home survey
PLEASE CALL FREE ON 0800 247 1229

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