Bespoke Goods Lifts

When you need to move large, bulky or heavy loads, our British made bespoke goods lifts can offer you the right solution. They form an essential part of many warehouses, factories, distribution centres and retail units, distributing goods quickly and efficiently. Thanks to a shallow pit and a self-supported structure, our custom made heavy goods lifts are simple to install and can be placed nearly anywhere.

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Heavy goods lifting, made easy

A goods lift can make your facilities safer and more efficient. Our bespoke goods lifts provide with carrying capacities ranging from 1000 kg to 5000 kg. Whether you are lifting palletised goods, large roll containers, warehouse stock, industrial equipment or trolleys, you can find a suitable solution for your heavy lifting needs.

Our bespoke goods lifts are quicker and simpler to install than you may think. The lifts operate inside a rapidly erected, structure-supported framework, which is easy to install virtually anywhere. Furthermore, the lifts require only a minimal pit from 90 mm, keeping builders’ work to a minimum.

A simple solution for heavy lifting

  • Wide range of lifts with capacities from 1000 kg to 5000 kg
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Up to two-way entry (single or through car) on every floor
  • Made in the UK

Our bespoke goods lifts are supplied with a galvanized Bolton gate as standard, along with shutter gates on the lift car. Options include fully clad self-supporting structure, through car arrangement, assisted disabled use and a ramp in lieu of a pit.