Saturn Dumb Waiter

Make your facilities safer and more efficient with the Saturn Dumb Waiter. Our dumb waiters are ideal for moving light goods such as food, bottles, laundry, documents, files, books or almost anything you can imagine. From bars, restaurants and hotels to libraries, stock rooms and sterile environments, the Saturn Dumb Waiters provides your staff with invaluable everyday assistance. They have been designed to offer simple, quick, reliable and economical movement of goods or food between any number of floors.

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A dumb waiter for every requirement

Wherever and whatever you need to lift, the Saturn dumb waiter range is flexible, offering a choice of car size, load capacity and door positioning. Three 50 kg and two 100 kg stock models cater for every lifting requirement. For more complex needs, a full bespoke range is also available.

Your lift will be running in no time

Installation of the Saturn dumb waiter is quick and simple. It operates inside a rapidly-erected, structure supported frame which is easy to install and requires minimal builders’ work. No separate motor room or load-bearing shaft is needed, which helps to keep costs down.

All our standard models are normally available from stock, which means that a Saturn can be installed and working within a few days, depending on the building work.

The flexible solution for lifting light goods

  • Three 50 kg and two 100 kg models available
  • Serve up to 6 floors
  • Unique modular construction
  • Stainless steel cars and doors
  • Fire rated landing doors
  • Project management, drawings and builders’ instructions provided
  • Made in Great Britain: Designed and installed by a UK manufacturer