Concerto Elegance Full Cabin Platform Lift

When you are looking for an easy, yet elegant solution for access up to 18 metres, the Concerto Elegance Full Cabin Platform Lift is the right choice for you. It provides comfortable public access across multiple floors for both wheelchair and more mobile users. The lift requires only a small pit and headroom, meaning it can be installed with minimal building works.

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Customised to your requirements

The Concerto Elegance is an effortless combination of practicality and aesthetics. We will customise it fully to your requirements, offering you an extensive range of car sizes, doors and finishes to choose from. It is the flexible choice, suitable for both new build and modernisation/refurbishment projects.

When you choose the Concerto Elegance, we will survey your site and recommend either a hydraulic or a MLR (Machine Roomless) traction elevator mechanism. In either case, the lift will require just a small pit and low headroom, keeping building works to a minimum.

The flexible and elegant solution for easy access

Concerto Elegance is the flexible, aesthetically pleasing solution for access in a public or commercial building. Suitable for internal & external locations, with a maximum travel of 20 metres and a safe working load of 385-500 kg.

  • Maximum safety: Extensively tested and compliant with European Standard EN81-41.
  • Customised to your needs: A wide range of features and finishes allow you to customise the lift fully to your requirements.
  • No major building works required. Requires only a small pit and low headroom.
  • Flexible lift structure: Easy and flexible installation for both new build and adaptation projects.
  • Space saving: Takes advantage of up to 70% of the shaft for the lift car.
  • Energy efficient: Operates from a 3 phase or single phase supply.