S7 CR Inclined Platform Stair Lift

This functional and versatile wheelchair stair lift is an ideal access solution if you have a curved staircase. It can be installed with little or no structural modifications so is a cost-effective option for a home, or public building. The compact design ensures that the lift folds down to a narrow profile, providing maximum stairway clearance.

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More information about this product

Compact, safe and reliable

Safety and reliability are key features in the design of the S7 CR Inclined Platform Stair Lift, allowing wheelchair users to operate it independently. Built-in safety features include emergency stop button, pressure sensors to detect obstructions, and barrier arms that surround and protect the user, automatically locking down before the platform moves. The lift also stops automatically at the upper and lower landings.

The S7 CR can be operated by the wheelchair user or by an attendant. The features include wireless landing call stations, joystick carriage control and key controlled operation. It also has a power-fold platform, ramp and arms that fold down to a narrow profile providing maximum stairway clearance.

Benefits at a glance

  • Quick installation – requires little or no structural modifications
  • Safe – built-in safety features as standard
  • Versatile – can provide access to less mobile individuals using a fold down seat as well as wheelchair users
  • Unobtrusive – can be folded to minimise stairway obstruction