TSL 1000 Step Lift

If wheelchair access to your home is obstructed by several steps, the TSL 1000 offers a comprehensive and practical solution, especially when a ramp is not a feasible option. The second of our Step Lift range; the TSL 1000 can travel up to 1 metre and can be easily installed inside or outside of your home.

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Easy and flexible access to your home

The TSL 1000 is easy to use and helps wheelchair users to maintain their independence and security in their home. While the step lift provides convenient wheelchair access, it also allows the rest of the family to continue using the same doorway.

Manufactured in the UK to BS 6440 standards, the TSL 1000 Step Lift consists of a self-contained unit that can be installed on a flat 100 mm concrete base by our experienced engineers in just one day. The lift is available with upper gate protection or alternatively with a triple bridge step unit.

Benefits at a glance

  • Easy to use – conveniently situated controls and shallow approach ramp
  • Versatile – up to 1 metre rise with bridging steps for up to 3 steps
  • Safe and reliable – built in the UK to BS 6440 standards
  • Durable for outdoor use – a stainless steel / aluminium finish as standard
  • Quick installation – can easily be installed by our engineers in just a day
  • Cost-effective – can be easily re-sited and is often a cheaper option than a ramp
  • Low maintenance – for an annual service ask about our maintenance contract

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Technical specifications

  • Application range: can be sited internally or externally. For wheelchair users only
  • Maximum safe working load: 250 kg
  • Closed height: 75 mm
  • Maximum height served: 1000 mm
  • Power supply electrical requirements: 220 / 240 V~50 / 60 Hz 13 A single phase
  • Low voltage control system: 24 V DC
  • Operating temperature range: -10 degrees C to 40 degrees C
  • Safety: automatic wheelchair arrestor mechanism and full battery back-up. Constant pressure controls
  • Drive: hydraulic scissor mechanism

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What is the timescale from order to installation?

Delivery time is dependent on your lift specification. The installation itself takes just one day.

What is the maximum travel of the lifts?

TSL 500 travels up to 500 mm. TSL 1000, 1100 and Melody 1 travel up to 1000 mm, although the TSL 1000 will travel up to 960 mm when supplied with a triple bridging step. Note: Travel heights vary subject to bridging step options.

What base does the lift need to sit on?

The TSL 1000, TSL 1000W and Melody 1 need to be installed on a 100 mm thick concrete (level). The TSL 500 needs to go on a level base (flags/tarmac/concrete/timber).

What clearances are required around the lift?

TSL 1000, TSL 1000W and Melody 1 require a minimum clearance of 150 mm. There are other options available that can be discussed at the time of survey. TSL 500 runs in its own enclosure, so no clearances are required around the lift.

What is the power supply specification?

13 A single socket (must be fitted 50 mm away from a corner to enable the charger box to cover the socket).

How will visitors or the postman get to my front door if I have a lift?

We always have to provide ambulant access to and from the property when we install a lift. This can be achieved by either creating a new set of steps adjacent to the lift or, when space is tight, we can include bridging steps as part of the lift specification. Bridging steps are available with the TSL 500, TSL 1000 & Melody 1 lifts up to a maximum travel of 960 mm.

What happens if there’s a power cut to my house?

The TSL 500, TSL 1000 & Melody 1 lifts are battery powered so they will continue to work even if there is a power cut to your property. The batteries are trickle fed from the mains but will carry on for up to 30 cycles if not charged.

Can I have an attendant/carer in the lift with me?

We have different lifts to suit individual requirements. The TSL 500 & TSL 1000 are designed to take a wheelchair user only. The Melody 1 lift (up to 1 m travel) is designed to take a wheelchair user and an attendant. Over 1 m (up to 3 m) travel would require a Melody 3.

Can I use my mobility scooter on the lift?

Although designed for use with a wheelchair, our steplifts will accommodate the majority of scooters. The TSL 500, TSL 1000 and Melody 1 lifts have a maximum safe working load of 250 kg. The Melody 3 lift has a maximum safe working load of 500 kg up to 2 m and 440 kg up to 3 m. The scooter dimensions will be taken during the site survey to make sure they will fit comfortably on the specified lift.

We had a fantastic service from our first enquiry to visiting Terry Lifts’ factory and finally to installation.

Mr. & Mrs. Head Reading

To say I am ‘very pleased’ with my extremely well designed lift is an understatement!

Mrs. Dorricott Chester

Terry Lifts co-operated with all of my requests during the installation and were extremely professional, courteous and pleasant.

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