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Our Guide to Choosing a Homelift

Posted: 8th November 2013

Guide to Choosing a HomeliftDeciding to install a lift into your home is a big decision and with a plethora of homelifts now available, choosing the right lift for you can be difficult.

Our Sales & Marketing Director, John McSweeney, delivered a Masterclass Presentation at the National Home Improvement show (September 2013) on this topic. In case you missed it, we’ve put together a four step guide to choosing a home lift to help get you started.

Our guide takes you step by step over the following areas:

1. Reasons for fitting a homelift

If you have already decided to have a homelift installed in your property, you will no doubt have a specific reason for doing so. For those who are still undecided, this section aims to outline the lifestyle benefits of fitting a lift into the home. Read more…

2. Important factors to consider when choosing a homelift

Before deciding on a lift for your home, there are a number of important factors you will need to consider. How many floors does the lift need to service? How much space is available for the lift? Where should the lift be placed? You may already know the answer to some of these questions but a feasibility survey would be a good idea at this stage to help you make some important decisions. Read more…

3. A summary of the different types of homelifts available

There are many home lifts available on the market, from small space-saving platform lifts to spacious passenger style lifts that require a shaft. The most suitable home lift for you will depend on your needs and your home. Read more…

Passenger Lift Platform Homelift Through Floor Homelift

4. Advantages of a space-saving platform lift

The newest and most cost effective way to provide easy access between two floors in the home is to install space-saving platform lift. These types of lift take up minimal space and don’t require a shaft, so building work is kept to a minimum and installation is straight forwards. Read more…

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