Terry Lifts soon launching a new Fully Enclosed Through Floor Lift


Libretto Fully Enclosed Through Floor Lift offers flexibility, suiting various types of usage scenarios

Terry Lifts are preparing for the launch of the NEW Libretto Through Floor Lift. Libretto represents a welcome addition to the through floor lifts in Terry Lifts’ product range, providing its users with safety and comfort.

The Standard model allows for a wheelchair user or 2-3 people standing, whilst the Compact model can accommodate two people or one person seated. Like the other through floor lifts made by Terry Lifts, Libretto is manufactured to BS5900:2012 and comes with state of the art safety features. The ceiling remains fire protected whether the lift is parked in the upstairs or downstairs position.

Low floor car construction and the powered door with an automatic fold down ramp make entering and exiting the lift very easy. Furthermore, operation of the lift is made simple by the dual intuitive one-touch car controls, a new and innovative feature on this lift.

John McSweeney, Marketing & Export Director at Terry Lifts, comments on the much anticipated new lift range. “Following the success of our Lifestyle Home Lift, we wanted to bring to the market a range of enclosed lifts that can carry standing passengers as well as a wheelchair user and their attendant safely”, he says.

Preparations for Libretto’s launch are already underway. “We introduced the product concept to the public at the Naidex show at the NEC last April where it was met with a positive reception”, John says. “We will be looking forward to launching the lift over the next few months.”

2 thoughts on “Terry Lifts soon launching a new Fully Enclosed Through Floor Lift

    • Hi Rosemary. Yes, a Libretto through floor homelift is designed to accommodate a wheelchair user with an attendant. Take care. Terry Lifts team

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