Lifestyle Home Lift Case Studies

Case studies for our Lifestyle Home Lifts. Don’t forget to also view our Harmony and THL Domestic Lift case studies.

Mr & Mrs Head: Living an Easier Life in a River Side Home

Having recently redecorated, Mr and Mrs Head were looking for a stylish home lift to help Mrs Head get up the stairs more easily.

Mr & Mrs Head from Reading live in the kind of house that many would envy. The centrepiece is a newly decorated living room with a balcony and a view over the River Thames. When Mrs Head started to suffer from knee problems, the couple embarked on a search for an aesthetically pleasing home lift.

Having lived in their townhouse for 28 years, the couple did not consider moving into a bungalow for a second. “I just love our road and the beautiful view out of the back of the house on to the river. Our neighbours are lovely and we are just a few minutes away from the town centre”, Mrs Head explains.

Mrs Head has been suffering from bad knees and is due to have a knee replacement surgery soon. The couple knew they needed a solution to make it easier for Mrs Head to get up and down the stairs. Not wanting to put an unsightly chairlift on to their narrow staircase, the couple compared a number of home elevators before arriving at the decision of purchasing the Lifestyle Home Lift.

Finding a safe, stylish and quiet residential lift

“We have just decorated our living room, so it was important for us that the lift looked good. The Lifestyle Lift is stylish and doesn’t look like a box unlike some home elevators on the market”, Mr & Mrs Head explain.

Having spoken to other domestic lift suppliers and visited Terry Lifts’ factory in Knutsford, the couple felt they could trust the expertise Terry Lifts put in to manufacturing a product of high safety standards. For example, a 30-minute fire protection between floors is an essential safety feature in residential elevators, yet not provided by all manufacturers.

Mr & Mrs Head also considered the noise levels and ruled out a pneumatic lift, which was manufactured outside the UK and was very noisy during a demonstration. The Lifestyle Lift, on the other hand, is hydraulic driven and its power pack is normally located outside the property, making the lift whisper quiet.

Lifestyle Home Lift: An easier take on life

Mr & Mrs Head could not be more thrilled with the lift which they say has made a massive difference to their daily life. “I can get my walker in the lift when I am having a difficult day, and I also carry the shopping up which is great and helps me so much. I can’t begin to explain how much it has helped”, Mrs Head says.

The couple highly recommend Terry Lifts. “We had a fantastic service from our first enquiry to visiting the factory and finally to installation which ran so smoothly”, they said.

Product information

  • Space-saving home lift with a remarkably small footprint
  • Carries 2 people and has a capacity of 250 kg
  • Easy installation with minimal building work
  • Customisable features and finishes to suit any home
  • CE-marked and independently certificated to BS5900:2012 & the Machinery Directive for a lift travel above 3 metres
  • 30-minute fire protection between floors whether the lift is in the up or down position
  • Manufactured in the UK

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