S7 SR Inclined Platform Stair Lift

This versatile stair lift has been designed for straight staircases and can be fitted directly to a wall or supported on stanchion posts. It provides disabled access for public and commercial buildings, but can also be installed in the home, offering a level of independence to wheelchair users.

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More information about this product

Convenience, safety and ease of operation

Simple and functional, the S7 SR Inclined Platform Stair Lift allows wheelchair users to operate it independently. With that in mind, the design focuses on ease of use and safety. Built-in safety features ensure that it is impossible to operate the lift until the barrier arms and ramps are folded and in place. The lift stops automatically at the upper and lower landings and constant pressure controls allow the user to stop the lift at any time. It also stops automatically if it meets an obstruction on the staircase.

In addition to providing access to wheelchair users, the S7 SR can also be fitted with a fold down seat to allow access to less mobile individuals who struggle with stairs.

Benefits at a glance

  • Safe – built-in safety features as standard
  • Unobtrusive – can be folded and parked so as not to block the staircase
  • Easy to operate – can be operated independently by the user
  • Versatile – can provide access to less mobile individuals as well as wheelchair users