TSL 1000W Step Lift for Heavy Wheelchairs

When a ramp is not feasible, the TSL 1000W Step Lift provides a simple, cost-effective and practical solution for domestic wheelchair access. It consists of a self-contained unit, which means it can be installed in less than a day by our experienced engineers. The lift features an extra wide platform and a large capacity of 385 kg, making it the ideal solution for bariatric users and heavy wheelchairs.

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More information about this product

Reliable and easy-to-use lift for the home

The TSL 1000W Step Lift is perfect for homes where steps prevent independent wheelchair access to a doorway. It travels to a maximum of 1000 mm and features a 1100 mm wide x 1400 mm deep platform, accommodating heavy electric wheelchairs and their users.

The lift allows its user to travel safely and comfortably, providing easy-to-use controls and an automatic arrestor ramp which secures the wheelchair safely on the platform. TSL 1000W has an attractive and unobtrusive appearance, with black powder coating to the carriage as standard and a polycarbonate infilled upper level gate when the lift travel exceeds 290 mm.

Benefits at a glance

  • Quick installation – our experienced engineers will install it in less than a day
  • Safe and secure – features an automatic wheelchair arrestor ramp
  • Reliable – trickle charge battery operated
  • Cost-effective – can be easily re-sited and is often a cheaper option than a ramp
  • Large capacity – capacity of 385 kg with a 1100 mm wide platform