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Safe, reliable and manufactured to the highest standards. That’s what you can expect from every domestic and commercial platform lift we install.

For ease of access. For compliance (with the Equality Act 2010 (formerly the DDA) and Part M of the Building Regulations. And for lifts that don’t compromise on practicality or style, choose Terry Lifts.

There’s a surprising (and sometimes bewildering) range of options when it comes to choosing platform and wheelchair stairlifts. Here, we’ll help you narrow down your options.

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Enclosed Vertical Platform Lifts

Probably the simplest lift to explain, as it looks and operates in much the same way as a standard commercial passenger lift. There are, however, several key differences between our enclosed vertical platform lifts and the lift you might find in a hotel lobby, for example.

  • They are designed to accommodate a wide range of access requirements.
  • They are designed for travelling relatively short distances (typically around 9 metres), whereas a traditional commercial lift could be required to travel dozens of floors.
  • The lift platform travels within its own fully enclosed structure, securely fixed to a wall or floor level, removing the need for costly building works and provision of a lift shaft. This makes our disabled platform lift a viable option for domestic or small commercial business use.
  • Speed and capacity are typically lower than traditional commercial passenger lifts. In commercial applications however, heavy duty lifts can increase capacity and be a handy way of transporting stock or equipment between floors
  • Unlike your typical lift, all our UK models come with a wide range of customisation options, enabling you to tailor the enclosure and colours to complement the surroundings and best serve the lift’s users.
  • Every lift is robust, safe and easy to use. They are compliant to the relevant European standard EN81-41

Can be installed: Internally or externally

Ideal for: Domestic use, care/residential/nursing homes, cafes and restaurants, hotels, stores, offices, public buildings. Some applications may require larger lifts with increased payload capacities.

A contemporary vertical platform lift, it has a flexible design that can accommodate up to six stops and a lifting height of up to 18 m.

Concerto GS Vertical Platform Lift.
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An attractive and versatile full cabin platform lift, which can meet many requirements and be installed with minimal building works.

Concerto Elegance Vertical Platform Lift. Click here for more info>>

Unenclosed Vertical Platform Lifts

Whether in the home, the office or a retail store, the practical realities of a property’s design or location can sometimes make it difficult to create accessibility for everyone. Ramps, for example, are a simple solution for those who can’t manage stairs, but they frequently take space that simply isn’t available.

It’s in these situations that our unenclosed domestic or commercial platform lifts come into their own. Compact and unobtrusive, these lifts can sit beside stairs (so there’s no disruption to other stair users). And if you only need a wheelchair platform lift for occasional use, consider our portable model, which provides simple, temporary wheelchair access.

  • Our Melody vertical platform lifts come in low rise 1m or up to 3m models.
  • A fixed or an integral ramp makes access easy, minimises building work and keeps installation quick and simple (i.e. 1 day for a Melody 1 and 2 days for a Melody 3)
  • Robust, safe, easy to use and fully compliant with BS6400:2011.

Can be installed: In private, public or commercial buildings

Ideal for: Domestic or commercial applications

A reliable low-rise platform lift, the Melody 1 provides wheelchair access for heights up to 1 m.

Melody 1 Wheelchair Platform Lift.
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Our NEW Melody 3 Platform Lift provides disabled access for heights up to 3 m, with the option of automatic gates.

Melody 3 Wheelchair Platform Lift.
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A practical and flexible solution where wheelchair access is needed on a temporary basis.

Portable Wheelchair Platform Lift.
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Inclined Wheelchair Platform Stair Lifts

You may well be familiar with the traditional stairlift, which involves sitting on a seat which travels up or downstairs along a track.  Our wheelchair lifts for stairs operate on much the same principle, but instead of (or in addition to) a seat, the stairlift incorporates a platform which can accommodate a wheelchair.

That means there’s no need for a wheelchair user to transfer to another seat to travel upstairs, which cuts risk and inconvenience. A commercial wheelchair stairlift maintains the wheelchair user’s independence. And it ensures that, in spaces where lifts may be impractical, your premises remain disability friendly and compliant.

  • The inclined lift is foldable, so it can be stored when not in use, minimising obstructions.
  • Platforms are available in several sizes.
  • They can easily navigate straight or curved stairways
  • Inclined platform lifts don’t impede other stair users
  • Robust, safe, easy to use and is compliant to EN41-40.
  • Each platform can also feature a foldaway seat for an additional passenger

Can be installed: Internally or externally

Ideal for: Domestic or commercial applications

A compact and easy to operate wheelchair stair lift designed for straight staircases.

S7 SR Inclined Platform Stair Lift.
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A reliable wheelchair stair lift for curved staircases, with small radius for narrow spaces.

S7 CR Inclined Platform Stair Lift.
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