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Home Lifts Definition

Posted: 17th March 2014

Home lifts – often called wheelchair lifts, platform lifts or through-floor lifts – are designed for use in two-story properties.

Essentially they are small lifts designed to provide freedom of access to the whole house. Home lifts can be located in any downstairs room and move up to the floor above through an aperture in the ceiling. The lift can be parked at either level, leaving maximum living space in the occupied room.

Our home lifts, or home elevators, have been designed for quick & easy installation in a discreet location within your home.

How do we measure success?

We judge our own success by whether one of our home lifts makes your life easier. If it does, we have done our job.

That’s why spending all the time you need with our design consultants is time well spent. Ask any question that comes to mind and take your time making your decision.

Your Terry Lift consultant will help you choose the home lift that not only meets your current requirements, but also anticipates your future needs. You don’t want to go through the process twice if you don’t have to – or potentially have to leave your home when your lift no longer meets your needs.

Raise your spirits

We don’t want to sell you a home lift you’re not perfectly happy with. We hope that you will purchase one that will not only lift you to the next floor – but also lift your spirits!

Your Terry Lifts consultant will be with you every step of the way to guide you through your purchase, manage the installation and take care of after-sales support.

Peace of mind really can be bought, and at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

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