Goods Lifts

Our goods lifts provide safe and reliable lifting for anything from a wine bottle to a pallet. They are indispensable in many bars, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, factories and distribution centres around the UK. Our lifts will move your goods safely, quickly and economically, while protecting your staff from the stress and strain of manual handling. A wide range of different models and capacities is available, meaning that you are sure to find an ideal goods lift for your unique requirements.

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A flexible range of dumb waiters. Three 50 kg and two 100 kg models cater to every lifting requirement.

Saturn Dumb Waiter.
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The versatile solution for moving loads up to 150 kg, 250 kg or 300 kg. Quick, simple installation with minimal builders’ work.

Venus Trolleylift.
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Heavy goods lifting made easy. Our bespoke goods lifts provide with carrying capacities ranging from 1000 kg to 5000 kg.

Bespoke Goods Lifts.
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